Installing Grid Control Agent on RMANDOG

The installation of the Grid Control agent is failing with the configuration of the oracle.sysman.emcp.agent.AgentPlugIn component on RMANDOG.

I am using OUI from the full OMS suite to install an additional management agent.

During the prerequisite checks, the following messages are displayed:
Checking for compat-libstdc++-296-2.96-132.7.2; found Not found. Failed <<<<
Checking for libstdc++devel-3.4.3-22.1; found Not found. Failed <<<<
Checking for openmotif-21-2.1.30-11; found openmotif-2.2.3-9.RHEL4.1. Failed <<<<

# rpmquery compat-libstdc++-296
# rpmquery libstdc++-devel

The first two (2) errors could be ignored because the packages are installed but the checks are faulty. However, the third check might be more serious.

Metalink seems to imply that the openmotif package is only required for Oracle demonstrations.

The checks could be seen as not affecting the installation of the Grid Control Agent. What is really frustrating is that I have installed the agent successfully on RMANCAT and GRIDCTRL (Both RHEL 4.2 – same as RMANDOG).

Metalink shows a possible hit with Problem: Agent Installation Fails with Error ‘Exception : java.lang.Exception: 6’ Due to Improper Hosts File Entry (Doc ID: Note:358640.1). The /etc/host does contain tabs!!! Updated the /etc/host to remove tabs for GRIDCTRL, RMANCAT, RMANDOG, CENTRAL (all RHEL 4.2).

Removed the Grid Control Agent software and re-installed. And guess what? It now works!!!


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