My Assessment of My Performance

My assessment of how I went in the OCM is:

Exam Objective My Assessment
Server Configuration Pass
Enterprise Manager Grid Control Fail
Managing Database Availability Pass
Data Management Pass
Data Warehouse Management Uncertain
Performance Management Uncertain
Real Application Clusters Pass
Data Guard Fail

5 thoughts on “My Assessment of My Performance

  1. Hi Douglas,
    Considering your self assessment( 2 topics failed and other 2 uncertain) – were you surprised to receive the successful outcome? How badly did the failed scenario’s went for you?

    Also – does it mean(in your opinion) that Grid Control and Data Guard are not critical components(i.e. must pass elements) of the exam?

    Thanks for sharing this useful information for all the OCM aspirants.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      My failure to get Grid Control working made the following sections much more difficult because I had to use the commands to accomplish the tasks.

      This was the primary cause of my failure in the Data Guard component. The setup of Data Guard using only commands is very difficult under normal conditions. The pressure of the exam made the set up almost impossible,

      I would say that getting Grid Control working is very important. If I had done so, I probably would had passed all of the other components. And I would had certainly got Data Guard set up and working.

      Remember that the exam is a cumulative set up. The environment from previous sessions carry over into the following ones. A mistake made early can affect your performance during the remainder of the exam. This means that failure in Data Guard is not as important as failure in Grid Control.


  2. Thanks Douglas.

    Would you consider the exam tough or do you think it is lengthy (but not that tough)? I know it is relative but assuming a DBA with above average skillset….

    • Hi,

      I would consider the exam to be very challenging. It is about knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.

      There are more scenarios than one can reasonably complete in the time allocated. I only attempted scenarios that I knew I could complete and left the others until the end of the allocated time.

      I think that some of the scanarios are outside of the skillset of the average DBA. This is why OCM candidates should practice all the topics in the OCM exam. This practice gave me confidence. Unfortunately, I was overconfident in the Grid Control part and this caused me problems. I rectified this for the 11G upgrade exam.


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