Resumes and Job Interviews

I have been reading through the slush pile of resumes to find job interviewees

Some hints for resumes:

  1. If the cover letter says you have done RAC or Data Guard or Oracle 10G, your job descriptions better point out the fact
  2. Don’t put in your resume that you filled in timesheets
  3. I know what DBAs do – don’t tell me the gritty detail.
  4. Read your resumes before you send them in. If you read your resume, would you want to meet you?
  5. Don’t be shy about your accomplishments! We want the best available (at a cheap price!)
  6. If you only have an OCA, don’t bother sending in your resume. Either do the OCP or don’t start.

At the job interview,

  1. Don’t b-s me.
  2. Answer the question
  3. If you don’t know, say so
  4. If I keep asking about problems with RAC or Data Guard, assume there are some. Don’t keep telling me that everything worked perfectly.
  5. If you have accomplishments in your resume, it better be more than that you fluked it

I know there are dirty jobs out there – I’ve done them. Don’t bitch to me about it. Don’t paint it as such on your resume.

I have waded through about thirty (30) resumes so far in the past week. I have interviewed five (5) and hired no one yet. That will give an indication of the odds.

As for certifications, 26 of the resumes had OCP, 2 had OCA, 2 had no certification, and none had OCM. Of those, I interviewed one with no certification, and four with OCP.

4 thoughts on “Resumes and Job Interviews

  1. Douglas,

    Some honest comments there… quite interesting how there are quite a number of people with OCP.


    • Fred,

      Having seen the interview quality of OCPs, I think the OCP is now the very minimal requirement for a DBA job.

      Given the prevalence of OCPs in the marketplace now, I think anyone without one would probably culled from the resume pile.

      If someone cannot spend the time and effort to get an OCP, then this would give the impression that are not really interested in being an Oracle DBA.


      • Following on from Fred’s comment, I revisited the slush pile to confirm the figures:

        21 resumes have been reviewed so far (not 30)
        15 had OCP (8i, 9i, 10G) – 3 were interviewed
        3 had OCA – none were interviewed
        3 had no certification – 2 were interviewed

        This contradicts my previous comment.

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