11G OCM Upgrade Exam Details Released

The announcement for the OCM 11G Upgrade exam is here.

The big news is that an 11G OCP is needed if one already has an 10G OCM:

Candidates upgrading their OCM certification to 11g via the 1-day Oracle Database 11g Certified Master Upgrade exam do not need to first upgrade their OCP certification. They will be granted the 11g OCP certification along with the 11g OCM certification once they have passed the necessary OCM upgrade exam (and any additional required exams). Please see the new paths below.

The details of the 11G OCM Upgrade Exam are here.

The interesting thing is that 11.2 is not being used:

  • Platforms
    • Oracle Database11g version
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10gR5
  • Operating System:
    • For Candidate machines (both ODD and Even): Enterprise Linux Server release 5.2 (Carthage)

I have downloaded RHEL 5.4 for X86 instead. Since sofwtare installation is not part of the upgrade exam, I do not think an exact match of operating system is required.

Since OPatch is part of the required skill-set, I imagine I would have to upgrade (base release) to via OPatch.

Instead of setting a full configuration for the whole test, I would plan to set up tests based on each of the four (4) topics.

I will be using VMware-Workstation 6.0.5 as vI did for the 10G OCM preparation last year.

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