11G OCM Install OEM With New Database

Following the Review of OEM Installation, I am now going to remove all Oracle products, and start up OEM, then patch to Once that is done, I am going to attempt to upgrade the OMR to then to

Remove all Oracle Products

Remove OEM

To remove OEM, I followed the procedure in 11G OCM Patch OEM (6).

Remove Oracle

I used dbca to delete the repos database.

I used netca to delete the LISTENER.

I used the OUI to delete the Oracle home:

cd /opt/oracle/software/p6890831/Disk1

Selected Custom Installation, then Installed Products…. Selected the only Oracle home to remove it.

Update Files

I updated /etc/rc.local to comment out the gcstartup line.

I updated /home/oracle/.bash_profile to remove all the Oracle stuff bar the ORACLE_BASE.

Install OEM

I will now install OEM and the database at the same time.

cd /opt/oracle/software/Linux_Grid_Control_full_102010
  1. Specify Installation Type
    • Enterprise Manager 10G Grid Control Using a New Database
  2. Specify Installation Location
    • Selected /opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes
  3. Product-Specific Prerequisites Checks
  4. Specify Configuration
    • Changed Repository Database Name to repos.yaocm.id.au
    • All others left as default.
  5. Specify Optional Configuration
    • Nothing was selected.
  6. Specify Security Options
    • Set the passwords as the real ones I intend to use.
  7. Start installation.

Warning about OPMN Failing to Start

I got a message about the OPMN Process Manager failing to start. I looked at the logs in /opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes/oms10g/opmn/logs. I could not find any error messages. The message on the terminal used for installation said:

opmnctl: opmn is already running

Clicking on Retry did not allow me to progress, so I clicked on continue instead.

Ran root.sh

Ran /opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes/db10g/allroot.sh. Everything seemed to be okay.


I have OEM running at http://gridctrl.yaocm.id.au:4889/em.

The next step is to patch to

OEM is now!

Leaving aside all of the details, I have managed to get OMS patched to!

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Release 5 Grid Control  
Copyright (c) 1996, 2009 Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Agent Version     :
OMS Version       :
Protocol Version  :
Agent Home        : /opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes/agent10g
Agent binaries    : /opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes/agent10g
Agent Process ID  : 3387
Parent Process ID : 3361
Agent URL         : https://gridctrl.yaocm.id.au:3872/emd/main/
Repository URL    : https://gridctrl.yaocm.id.au:1159/em/upload
Started at        : 2010-01-04 12:07:27
Started by user   : oracle
Last Reload       : 2010-01-04 12:09:38
Last successful upload                       : 2010-01-04 12:14:01
Total Megabytes of XML files uploaded so far :    13.78
Number of XML files pending upload           :        0
Size of XML files pending upload(MB)         :     0.00
Available disk space on upload filesystem    :    82.68%
Last successful heartbeat to OMS             : 2010-01-04 12:13:35
Agent is Running and Ready

Scripts Fixed

I have enabled gcstartup in /etc/rc.local as follows:

su oracle -c "/opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes/db10g/bin/dbstart /opt/oracle/app/OracleHomes/db10g"

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