11G OCM Planning (2)

Having completed all of the steps in OCM 11G Planning (1), I am now in a position to plan to complete all of the topics in Database, RMAN, EM and Network Configuration. I need to set up a RAC using VMWare.

Proposed Base Configuration

I will now use two (2) computers:

  1. GRIDCTRL has already been set up as the OMS, OMR, and RMAN catalogue on a stand-alone PC.
  2. PENRITH1 and PENRITH2 will be created as VMWare images on the same PC (Lenovo) to allow the sharing of files.
  3. CLYDE will be set up as a client VMWare image on a separate PC (Compaq).

Plan Stage 2

This stage will mainly be involved with setting a basic configuration.

CLYDE Client

  1. Create a VMWare Image of RHEL 5.4
  2. Install Oracle Client 11.1


  1. Create a VMWare Image of RHEL 5.4
  2. Install ASM (will patch later to
  3. Install RDBMS (will patch later to
  4. Snapshot this VMWare Image


  1. Use the PENRITH1 VMWare image to create the PENRITH2 WMWare image.
  2. Set up NFS on PENRITH2.

PENRITH RAC Configuration

  1. Create three (3) shared ASM diskgroups:
    1. +FRA for the flashback area (9 GB)
    2. +DATA for the data files (3 GB)
    3. +TEMP for the temporary files (1 GB)
  2. Configure Listener for RAC

5 thoughts on “11G OCM Planning (2)

  1. Clyde has been created after a bit of a drama with a bad CD-ROM and exhausting my download quota for the month (64kbps is so slow!!!)

  2. After a seven (7) month absence, I just discovered that the OMS will not start because it cannot connect to the OMR.

  3. 11G OCM Reviewing Status of PENRITH1 « Yet Another OCM

  4. Douglas

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