11G OCM Reviewing Status of PENRITH1

I finally got around to looking where I got up to with PENRITH1. It would appear I only have partially done step #3 of 11G OCM Planning (2).

Installing RPMCHECK

I decided to install RPMCHECK from Julian Dyke in its own directory using the root user.

mkdir -p /opt/app/rpmcheck
cd /opt/app/rpmcheck
unzip /mnt/hgfs/OCM/rpmcheck.zip 

I used the version as of today (28 November 2010), and the files unzipped are:

Archive:  /mnt/hgfs/OCM/rpmcheck.zip
  inflating: README.txt              
  inflating: rpmcheck.pl             
  inflating: Database-11_2-OEL5-x86.xml  
  inflating: Database-11_2-OEL5-x86_64.xml  
  inflating: Database-11_2-RHEL5-x86.xml  
  inflating: Database-11_2-RHEL5-x86_64.xml  
  inflating: GridControl-11_1-OEL5-x86_64.xml  
  inflating: GridControl-11_1-RHEL5-x86_64.xml  
  inflating: GridInfrastructure-11_2-OEL5-x86_64.xml  
  inflating: GridInfrastructure-11_2-RHEL5-x86_64.xml  

I note there is no entry for Database-11_1-RHEL5-x86.xml.


Since the list of XML files does not contain one for Oracle, I will use the instead:

perl rpmcheck.pl Database-11_2-RHEL5-x86.xml

The results show that I have three (3) missing packages:

rpmcheck version 1.0
Copyright JulianDyke.com Limited 2010

Processing Database-11_2-RHEL5-x86.xml

Product       : Oracle Database
Version       :
Platform      : RHEL5
Arch          : x86

Expected packages:

Package Name                   Version          Release          Architecture
------------------------------ ---------------- ---------------- ------------
binutils                                            i386
compat-libstdc++-33            3.2.3                                     i386
elfutils-libelf                0.125                                     i386
elfutils-libelf-devel          0.125                                     i386
elfutils-libelf-devel-static   0.125                                     i386
gcc                            4.1.2                                     i386
gcc-c++                        4.1.2                                     i386
glibc                          2.5              24                       i686
glibc-common                   2.5                                       i386
glibc-devel                    2.5                                       i386
glibc-headers                  2.5                                       i386
kernel-headers                 2.6.18                                    i386
ksh                            20060214                                  i386
libaio                         0.3.106                                   i386
libaio-devel                   0.3.106                                   i386
libgcc                         4.1.2                                     i386
libgomp                        4.1.2                                     i386
libstdc++                      4.1.2                                     i386
libstdc++-devel                4.1.2                                     i386
make                           3.81                                      i386
numactl-devel                  0.9.8                                     i386
sysstat                        7.0.2                                     i386

Actual packages:

binutils                   12.el5                   i386
compat-libstdc++-33            3.2.3            61                       i386
elfutils-libelf                0.137            3.el5                    i386
elfutils-libelf-devel          0.137            3.el5                    i386
elfutils-libelf-devel-static   0.137            3.el5                    i386
gcc                            4.1.2            46.el5                   i386
gcc-c++                        4.1.2            46.el5                   i386
glibc                          2.5              42                       i686
glibc-common                   2.5              42                       i386
glibc-devel                    2.5              42                       i386
glibc-headers                  2.5              42                       i386
kernel-headers                 2.6.18           164.el5                  i386
ksh                            20080202         14.el5                   i386
libaio                         0.3.106          3.2                      i386
Package libaio-devel not found for architecture i386
  Expected version 0.3.106 - Expected release 
  Install libaio-devel 0.3.106  (i386) or above
libgcc                         4.1.2            46.el5                   i386
libgomp                        4.4.0            6.el5                    i386
libstdc++                      4.1.2            46.el5                   i386
libstdc++-devel                4.1.2            46.el5                   i386
make                           3.81             3.el5                    i386
Package numactl-devel not found for architecture i386
  Expected version 0.9.8 - Expected release 
  Install numactl-devel 0.9.8  (i386) or above
Package sysstat not found for architecture i386
  Expected version 7.0.2 - Expected release 
  Install sysstat 7.0.2  (i386) or above

3 invalid packages found

Outstanding Tasks

I need to fix the following:

  1. Configure the newtorking for PENRITH1
  2. Install the missing packages

Then I will be able to move onto step #4 of 11G OCM Planning (2).


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