11G OCM Exam Completed

I completed the 11G OCM Update Exam yesterday.

There were three (3) attendees.

My assessment of how I went is:

Exam Topic Tasks Completed My Assessment
Database, RMAN, EM and Network Configuration 100% Pass
Data Guard 100% Pass
Data and Data Warehouse Management 60% Doubtful
Performance Management 30% Failed

At this stage, I will have to work on the assumption that I may have to repeat this exam. So, I will continue on with my 11G practice.


5 thoughts on “11G OCM Exam Completed

  1. Fred,

    Thank you for the encouragement. I should know the results from Oracle Education soon.


  2. Hi Douglas,

    I am planning to write Oracle 11g OCM exam. As per exam we need to attend exam and submit hands on course. My idea is first write the exam and attend hands on course & submit.

    My doubt is once we write the exam whether we will come to know that exam is qualified or not ?

    Please clarify it.

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