Failed 11G OCM Exam

Did not pass the OCM 11G Upgrade Exam.

Got the following e-mail from Oracle:

Dear Douglas,

Thank you for participating in the Oracle 11g Certified Master practicum. Unfortunately, your final score was not sufficient to pass the practicum. We encourage you to continue your pursuit of the OCM credential by attending Oracle University courses and registering for another OCM practicum. Please visit for details and a schedule of upcoming OCM events.

Please feel free to contact the Oracle Certification team at if you have further questions.

Kind regards,

Oracle Certification Program

I have registered my interest in another attempt at this exam.

8 thoughts on “Failed 11G OCM Exam

  1. Did they give a breakdown of scores?
    It’s definitely a challenging certification!


    • Fred,

      That is the e-mail in its entirity.

      This is not like the OCP or OCA exams where they give you the areas you need to improve on.

      The main problem for me was that I was really only prepared for the first two (2) sessions. It would appear that the last two (2) undid me.

      At least, I now know what the questions are, and can study for them.


      • Hi,
        I am planning to give the Oracle 11g OCM on Novermber. Can you please share you experiences (question asked on each topic), it would be great help to prepare.

        Bhanu Vemuri

      • Bhanu,

        The confidentiality agreement that I signed in order to take the OCM exam prevents me from revealing the questions.

        I hope that you understand.

        However, the questions are directly related to the topics of the OCM exam.


  2. Hi Douglas,

    I have attended the exam on the 14-15 nov 2013 and I am currently desperately waiting for the result:-)
    Should come soon I think but it would be great if I could get it NOW!

    I have done my self scoring assessment but it’s very difficult to be objective…
    Have you also done this assessment exercise?


    • Jacques,

      The response from Oracle comes after about two (2) weeks.

      I have done the self-assessment several times. Yes, it is difficult, but it is worthwhile.


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