Passed 11G OCM Exam

I passed the 11G OCM Upgrade Exam on the second attempt. The e-mail from Oracle is attached below:

Dear Douglas,

Congratulations! on the successful completion of the Oracle DBA 11g Certified Master practicum.

You are now a member of an elite group of Oracle professionals. You will receive your Oracle DBA 11g Certified Master fulfillment kit that includes a congratulations letter, OCM certificate, OCM ID card, and denim OCM shirt to the mailing address mentioned in your Oracle DBA 11g OCM Hands-on course requirement Form.
We request you to please submit your mailing address and the shirt size through our Fulfillment Kit Request form in Pearson Vue website. Kindly note you have to enter the Authentication code ‘********’ to submit your Fulfillment Form. We will process your Oracle DBA 11g OCM success kit once this form is submitted.

Please feel free to contact the OCP team at if you have questions.

Kind regards,
Oracle Certification Program


5 thoughts on “Passed 11G OCM Exam

  1. Hello Douglas,

    Could you please let me know if in the exam one could use SQL Developer ( for command line solutions ) instead SQLPLUS ? ( sure when it is possible )

    If not , does SqlPlus have any wrapper installed ? ( I mean are you able to use arrows in SqlPlus to keep history ).

    Thank you kind.

    • I do not know if you can use SQL Developer.

      In the exam, I use either:

      • Grid Control Console, or
      • SQL*Plus

      This is what I use everyday as a DBA. I find the DBA functionality of SQL/Developer to be not very useful.


      • Douglas,

        I see you mentioned that you have attempted 11g OCM Upgrade second time.

        Were the scenarios in Attempt 2 different from Attempt 1 ? or both were same ?

        Sorry for asking you a similar question again.


      • Sandeep,

        I understand from my NDA that I cannot describe the actual questions on the OCM exam.



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