Am I Genuine and Interesting?

Someone sent me a direct tweet asking if I was genuine and interesting before they would start following me. The short answer is that if you have to ask, then do not follow me.

The long answer is below.

The answer to the question of genuineness is subjective. It is wholly dependent on the enquirer. I cannot answer it objectively.

As for being interesting, I can subsitute this question with an easier one by refering to the statistics from my blog:

  • 20,000 views over the past four (4) years.
  • One (1) follower
  • Eighteen (18) shares
  • 58 Comments (more than half by me)

From an objective point of view, the posts on my blog are not interesting according to the crowd-source metrics.

Just as I was writing this post, I noticed a post by Seth Godin about Ranking for signal to noise ratio in which he says that:

Signal to noise ratio is a measurement of the relationship between the stuff you want to hear and the stuff you don’t. And here’s the thing: Twitter and email and Facebook all have a bad ratio, and it’s getting worse.

Seth Godin’s solution is to propose:

The alternative, which is well worth it, is to find new channels you can trust. An RSS feed with only bloggers who respect your time. Relentless editing of who you follow and who you listen to and what gets on the top of the pile.

Emphasis Mine

In other words, the user is going to have to decide who is genuine and interesting, not the author.

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