My Take on Virtual Cloud Day 2012

I have attended “Virtual Cloud Day 2012: Launch of the VMware End User Computing Suite”. This post is a summary of my impressions.

I tweeted with #VMWareCloudDay.

Some of the new buzz phrases I picked up are:

  • Post PC Era
  • Larry Ellison was finally proven right after twenty (20) years.

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • This is a mixture of public and private clouds.

  • Data Virtualisation
  • This is a more inclusive term for Big Data.

  • Database as a Service
  • Control Database Sprawl
  • Shadow IT

Some of the products I am now interested in are:

  • Project Octopus
  • VFabric Data Director
  • Support for Oracle is announced.

I only managed to attend the first two (2) sessions before I was locked out. Although the sessions appeared on the menu, the ‘Attend’ button was disabled. There was no obvious place to raise the issue. So, I left.

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