Start of Upgrade to Cloud Control (#em12cr2)

Upgrading Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control with Bundle Patch 1 to (aka Release 2?).

I have struck a few problems so far.

Support Note

I was disappointed when I read the following in Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Release Notes 12c Release 2 ( for Linux x86 and x86-64:

6.1.2 2-System Upgrades On Same Host Not Supported

The 2-system upgrade option is not supported on a host with an existing Oracle Management Service instance. The reason is that such an upgrade would result
in two Management Agents on the host:

  • The “old” Management Agent installed with the previous Grid Control release
  • The “new” Management Agent installed as part of the upgrade

This scenario could result in unexpected behaviors in different Enterprise Manager features, and is therefore not supported.

(Bug 12957922)

This means that I have to do a single system upgrade because I only have one (1) linux_x86 system available to me: GRIDCTRL.

Software Downloaded

I have downloaded the software from Oracle Enterprise Manager Downloads for Linux x86:

  1. (1.4 GB)
  2. (1.5 GB)
  3. (2.1 GB)—failed to open in Archive Manager

I tried downloading twice the third file but I get the same errors:

$ unzip "em12cr2_linux_disk3(2).zip"
unzip:  cannot find or open em12cr2_linux_disk3(2).zip, em12cr2_linux_disk3(2) or em12cr2_linux_disk3(2).zip.ZIP.
$ file "em12cr2_linux_disk3(2).zip"
em12cr2_linux_disk3(2).zip: Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract

I have raised a service request with My Oracle Support about this zip file problem.

3 thoughts on “Start of Upgrade to Cloud Control (#em12cr2)

  1. Oracle Support came back with the answer that I should download the unzip utility from

    I selected LINUX Intel (32bit and 64bit – Large file support) and downloaded into /tmp.

    Instead of the uncompress utility, I figured out after a while that I should use the following command on RHEL 5.4:

    gzip --decompress /tmp/unzip60_lnx.Z

    I then moved the decompressed binary into the PATH:

    sudo mv /tmp/unzip60_lnx /usr/local/bin/

    The unzipping of worked:

    unzip60_lnx -d /home/oracle/EM12C_R2

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