Comments on “IT Departments Have Become Completely Useless”

There is another article on why IT Departments Have Become Completely Useless.

There really should be a fifty-year anniversary of this meme.

The reasons given are the usual suspects:

  • Separate culture
  • Out of alignment with business
  • Behind the technology curve
  • Failed projects

These problems were supposed to have been solved with:

  • The mini-computer
  • The micro-computer
  • Third-generation languages
  • Fourth-generation languages
  • Fifth-generation languages
  • Network computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Off the shelf software
  • Network databases
  • Relational databases
  • Post-Relational databases
  • NoSQL databases
  • AI
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Analysts

There are probably a plethora of panaceas that I have forgotten about.

And yet, the fundamental problem of what the data model for an organisation is remains unsolved. It is the view of the world that an organisation has. It is the foundation upon which all designs are made.

The repository for this data model resides in the IT department because that is where the data model has to be articulated. There is no waving of the hands, or knowing winks. It has to be solid.

This data model is transformed into data on disk and programs which require machines and operating systems. These are things that cannot easily be changed to follow the shifting outlines of a vague data model.

No other department in an organisation has as great as an investment in the organisation’s data model as the IT department. It is the central repository of that knowledge.

I think we will still be reading such articles in the press in time for the centenary of this meme.


One thought on “Comments on “IT Departments Have Become Completely Useless”

  1. I agree that it’s an ongoing theme but isn’t the point of technology to continuously change, update, create new linkages and move faster? Creating a department to manage this that does not change, falls behind innovation cycles and is outpaced by employees using cloud products will make it obsolete. The panaceas are not the products but the people managing them. When the people refuse to change the products won’t matter and will become obsolete.

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