Encouraging DBAs to Become OCMs

I have been trying to interest the guys at work to become Oracle Certified Masters (OCM).

I put together a plan for my manager and worked out the cost to be AUD 14,000, on average, for each DBA to complete the prerequisite training and examination.

Some of the objections I encountered were:

  1. What happens if the DBA fails?
  2. What is the point of becoming an OCM?
  3. It is too expensive
  4. They do not know any other OCMs

I suppose the concept is too new for people to comprehend what it means to their careers. I view the attainment of an OCM to be a personal achievement.

There are currently:

  • 707 10G OCM profiles published.
  • 135 11G OCM profiles published.

Considering there are probably tens of thousands of Oracle DBAs employed worldwide, to an OCM is to be in the top 1% or so. Maybe, it is the elitism that scares people off.


One thought on “Encouraging DBAs to Become OCMs

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