A Problem in Setting up Unified Auditing under

Had an issue with being Unable to Set up Unified Auditing under The location given in the documentation was wrong.

The only place in the Oracle RDBMS 12.1 documentation where this procedure appears to be documented is in Oracle® Database 2 Day + Security Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1).

I have submitted the following correction to the documentation:

In Step 1 of the tutorial, item #6 should be changed as follows:
“%ORACLE_HOME%/rdbms/bin/orauniaud12.dll.option” show read %ORACLE_HOME%/BIN/orauniaud12.dll.dbl” according to MOS document (“How To Enable The New Unified Auditing In 12c ? (Doc ID 1567006.1)”).

The instructions in 4 Post-Upgrade Tasks for Oracle Database (in Oracle® Database Upgrade Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1)) at Migrating to Unified Auditing for Oracle Database are correct.

This will teach me to follow blindly the tutorials in the 2-Day Guides.

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