Clock Drift Stops OMS Startup

I had an issue in which clock drift between the OMS and OMR caused the OMS to fail to start. Full details are here.

The problem was difficult because there were no error messages indicating why the OMS failed to start. It was only when I used the REPVFY tool that a problem was suggested.

The relevant log output was:

1005. Active Agents with clock-skew problems
=--------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------=
= Action:
= - If the skew is only a few minutes, adjust the OS clock on the machine
=   or use a NTP service to act as the 'master of time' for the machines.
= - If the skew is more than an hour, the timezone of the Agent will need
=   to get changed, to have the correct time represented.
=   To change the timezone of an Agent:
=   * Update the property on the Agent side:
=     In case the OS changed, and the OS settings are different:
=     $ emctl config agent updateTZ
=     In case the Agent has a bad setting, which is NOT in sync with the OS:
=     $ emctl setproperty agent -name agentTZRegion -value <new value>
=   * Update the timezone in the repository for this Agent, to sync up the
=    internal parameters:
=     SQL> exec mgmt_target.set_agent_tzrgn('<agent_name>','<correct TZ region>')
=     SQL> commit
=--------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------=

AGENT_NAME                                         TIMEZONE_REGION                   SECONDS CLOCK_SKEW
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------- -------------                          Australia/Sydney                     -154 -00h02m34s                          Australia/Sydney                     -147 -00h02m27s                          Australia/Sydney                     -146 -00h02m26s

3 rows selected.

Once I set the hardware clock to be within a few seconds, I was able to start the OMS successfully.

I could not find any known issues on My Oracle Support.


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