Technical Note: ORA-28017: The password file is in the legacy format

When I tried to change the password for SYS, I got an ORA-28017 error message. This was caused by a manual DB upgrade to 12C without upgrading the password file as well.

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A Problem in Setting up Unified Auditing under

Had an issue with being Unable to Set up Unified Auditing under The location given in the documentation was wrong.

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More on #Encryption

There was some more discussion around Transparent Data Encryption.

I am assured by the architect that the business understands that they will lose data if the key is ever lost.

This assurance seems to me to be a lot like when a business makes its first business continuity plan. Everyone understands that it will take time and effort. Then they scream loud and clear when a business continuity exercise is actually done. They could not make the leap from what they were told to what they experienced.