OSD-04500 Errors while running #Oracle #11g #XE on Windows 7

Tried running Oracle 11g XE on Windows 7 – 64bit and got lots of OSD-04500 errors.

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Handling Three-Value Logic

I have just finished reading Applied Mathematics for Database Professionals By Lex de Haan and Toon Koppelaars. I was struck by the discussion about nulls in Appendix D, especially about the inconsistent handling of NULLs between constraints and predicates in SQL (see p.344)

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NORDIC Schema for TopLink Demonstration (1)


This document details the SQL needed to establish the NORDIC schema in an Oracle XE database for the demonstration of the use of TopLink which is included in Oracle JDeveloper 11g (Build 5188). This SQL is based on the NORDIC series of articles on this blog.

Object views are used to replace object tables because TopLink cannot import Object Tables into the Offline database.
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