Oracle Database 11g OCM Exams Available Soon!

Oracle Database 11g OCM Exams Available Soon!

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E-mail from Oracle Education

Dear  Douglas,
Congratulations! on the successful completion of the Oracle DBA 10g Certified Master practicum.

You are now a member of an elite group of Oracle professionals.  You will receive your Oracle DBA 10g Certified Master fulfillment kit that includes a congratulations letter, OCM certificate, OCM ID card, and denim OCM shirt to the mailing address mentioned in your Oracle DBA 10g OCM Hands-on course requirement Form.

Kind regards,

Oracle Certification Program

My Assessment of My Performance

My assessment of how I went in the OCM is:

Exam Objective My Assessment
Server Configuration Pass
Enterprise Manager Grid Control Fail
Managing Database Availability Pass
Data Management Pass
Data Warehouse Management Uncertain
Performance Management Uncertain
Real Application Clusters Pass
Data Guard Fail

Survived the First Day

I have been making so many trivial mistakes all day long.

Because I failed to get OMS installed, I had trouble with the subsequent sessions.  I never really appreciated how much OMS makes life easier until I had to figure all of the commands for doing things manually.

Backups are vital.  No backups, you go home early.  There is no point continuing.

I lost 45 minutes in one session because I did not complete a scenario in an earlier session.

I know much less about Materialised Views than I thought.  I had to leave two (2) of these scenarios incomplete.

OCM Day 1

Day 1 of the OCM exam sees me as the only candidate.  I must have worn Oracle Education down with all of my applications.

My major weakness is dgmrl.  This is the only one I am aware of.  I am sure I will find more as the day wears on.


I have received verbal confirmation from Oracle that I am enrolled in the OCM examination for 13-14 November 2008.

I start a new job tomorrow at a 10.2 site that has Grid Control and a data warehouse.  This will give two (2) months’ extra experience at an operational level before the exam.

I really need to get Data Guard sorted out.